An Exploratory Programme for Young Talented Minds, on 12 Nov 2016

Infosys SPARK is a one day exploratory program for students from different age groups and segments from high school to degree and engineering colleges of urban and suburban areas. Through this on-campus event conducted by volunteers, students assess their industry worthiness and check their aspirations meter.

At Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering, SPARK was initiated on 12th November 2016 in which 22 schools and 952 students participated with gusto. Around 45 faculty members coordinated this immensely beneficial event.

SPARK is an extraordinary program that aims to raise the aspirations of students. This nation-wide programme focuses on the advances Information technology has made; Infosys’ role in the growth of IT is reflected in this programme. SPARK was launched in August 2008 and volunteered by thousands of Infoscions who spend their personal time on Saturdays to run the SPARK program.